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Senior Software Engineer III ( R&D )

In this article, I will try to share the approach and Automation which can handle the upgrade of Apache Zookeeper.

I hope, you are already using automation created by me if not still the approach can help you do the job.

  1. Please don’t take this article as the only source…

Let’s continue, In this part, I will be covering few things about Ansible Module Utils aka common library or functions to reduce duplication of code.

It all started when I decided to write all the modules for AWS which were 190+ modules and almost all of these modules have consistent…

Let’s continue from the last part :), please do a quick recap if you forgot something about the journey :D.

Let’s explorer behind the scene stuff for automatic documentation creation for Ansible Collection.

December 2020

Have you noticed that all the Ansible modules have a lot of components in the…

I suggest you should read the whole series or at least start with the previous one to get the full context. Below is the link for the previous article.

Nov 2020

What is Ansible Collection?
It is a set of similar modules which can do a couple of tasks for the…

I hope you have read the first article for this series.

September 2018

First thing, we need to know about the module and its working, let’s take an example code and try to explain what it does for you?
Sample Code: mapr_service.py
you can treat the ansible module as a python script…

How I turned around things for myself and Make Success for Myself.

As I mentioned in my second article of this series, my PR was stuck and the Reviewer wasn’t ready to merge because of One line of Code.

Situation is still the same so far, Let’s not waste more…

I hope, you have read part 1 of it if not then I would definitely recommend you to read that as well to get the full context of it.

Let’s start with the next part of the story, this part will be quite interesting if you are an Ansible Community…

Davinder Pal

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