Ansible Tips and Tricks ( Part 2 )


Trick 2: Ansible Loop Inside another Loop

If you are Ansible User then you might already know about Nested Loops.


Honestly, saying when it was released, I was very surprised that what will be the use case for it. Over Time, I found a couple of use cases for it and Today, I will explain one really cool use case of it which I have used in my project.

Project: Automation of Apache Kafka

If you know a little bit about Apache Kafka then you will understand that you have multiple configurations files that need to be created/updated for Apache Kafka to work.

Our Example:

Try 1:
Make it Simple
, as Ansible Motto suggests. All Tasks in One Big Task file.

Task 1: copy template x
Task 2: copy template y
Task 3: copy template z

Try 2:

Task 1: copy template x ( task1.yml )
Task 2: copy template y ( task2.yml )
Task 3: copy template z ( task3.yml )

Try 3:

I am gonna make use of the Inner & outer Loop Feature of Ansible.

Main File:Run Dynamic Task: copy template
parameter list:
template x
template y
Dynamic Task:
Actual Copy of Template

here is an actual working example

Dynamic Task Content ( Inner.yml )

- name: Creating kafka configurations | {{ kafkaConfigFile }}
src: "{{ kafkaConfigFile }}"
dest: "{{ kafkaInstallDir }}/kafka_{{ kafkaScalaVersion }}-{{ kafkaVersion }}/config/{{ kafkaConfigFile }}"
register: configStatus

how to dynamically use ( inner.yml)?

Example 1 ( update two or more files/bulk task )

- name: Creating kafka configurations
name: configure
tasks_from: dynamicConfigs.yml
- kafkaConfigFile: "{{ item }}"

Example 2: ( run only 1 task/file)

- hosts: clusterNodes:clusterAddNodes
gather_facts: true
serial: 1
- include_role:
name: configure
tasks_from: dynamicConfigs
- kafkaConfigFile:

Why Try 3 is better?

Hopefully, now you understand the use of it and how it makes ansible playbooks simpler, which is the motto of Ansible. “ Make it Simple”

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