Backup System for Apache Kafka ( Part 1 )

"BOOTSTRAP_SERVERS": "kafka01:9092,kafka02:9092,kafka03:9092",
"TOPIC_NAMES": ["davinder.test"], # Only 1 Topic is supported
"GROUP_ID": "Kafka-BackUp-Consumer-Group",
$ git clone
$ cd apache-kafka-backup-and-restore
$ python3 <path_to_backup.json>
$ python3 backup.json
{ "@timestamp": "2020-06-10 12:49:43,871","level": "INFO","thread": "S3 Upload","name": "botocore.credentials","message": "Found credentials in environment variables." }
{ "@timestamp": "2020-06-10 12:49:43,912","level": "INFO","thread": "Kafka Consumer 1","name": "root","message": "started polling on davinder.test" }
{ "@timestamp": "2020-06-10 12:49:43,915","level": "INFO","thread": "Kafka Consumer 0","name": "root","message": "started polling on davinder.test" }
{ "@timestamp": "2020-06-10 12:49:43,916","level": "INFO","thread": "Kafka Consumer 2","name": "root","message": "started polling on davinder.test" }
{ "@timestamp": "2020-06-10 12:49:44,307","level": "INFO","thread": "S3 Upload","name": "root","message": "upload successful at s3://davinder-test-kafka-backup/davinder.test/0/20200608-102909.tar.gz" }
{ "@timestamp": "2020-06-10 12:49:45,996","level": "INFO","thread": "S3 Upload","name": "root","message": "waiting for new files to be generated" }
{ "@timestamp": "2020-06-10 12:52:33,130","level": "INFO","thread": "Kafka Consumer 0","name": "root","message": "Created Successful Backupfile /tmp/davinder.test/0/20200610-125233.tar.gz" }
{ "@timestamp": "2020-06-10 12:52:33,155","level": "INFO","thread": "Kafka Consumer 0","name": "root","message": "Created Successful Backup sha256 file of /tmp/davinder.test/0/20200610-125233.tar.gz.sha256" }
  1. This application can be started in Container/Docker.
  2. This application can be started in SystemD.
  3. This application can be started multiple times to increase the speed of backup if required.
  4. This application supports UTF-8 based messages only.
  5. This application performs compression by default to tar.gz.
  6. This application creates sha256 hash files to ensure the integrity of backup files.
  7. Upload to S3 is based on RETRY_UPLOAD_SECONDS.



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Davinder Pal

Davinder Pal

Principal Software Architect I ( R&D DevOps )