How to Write Custom Ansible Filters?

import osclass FilterModule(object):
def filters(self):
return {'lastFolder': self.lastFolder}
def lastFolder(self, path):
if os.path.isdir(path):
return path.split('/')[-1]
return path.split('/')[-2]
---- hosts: localhost
become: false
gather_facts: false
- p1: /tmp/t1.txt
- p2: /tmp/t2/
- p3: /tmp/t3/t2/t1.txt
- debug:
msg: "{{ p1 | lastFolder }}"
- debug:
msg: "{{ p2 | lastFolder }}"
- debug:
msg: "{{ p3 | lastFolder }}"
$ tree .
├── filter.yml
└── filter_plugins
1 directory, 2 files




Senior Software Engineer III ( R&D )

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Davinder Pal

Davinder Pal

Senior Software Engineer III ( R&D )

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