Journey of Apache Kafka & Zookeeper Administrator ( Part 16 )
  1. Please don’t take this article as the only source of truth for the upgrade process, I am only sharing what I tested and done in the past which doesn’t imply that it will work 100% in your situation as well.
  2. Please read the official documentation/release notes for new versions as they might introduce breaking changes.
  3. Please test your approach in your test environment, don’t touch your production environment because it seems easy to do.
  4. This article doesn’t cover anything related to Zookeeper on Containers / Kubernetes. Please refer to your original vendor documentation or similar documentation.
  1. Download Latest Version or required version tar from the Apache Zookeeper website.
  2. Unpack the tar into the server directory where you want to store the packages of the zookeeper.
  3. Let’s generate the configuration for the new version.
    Here, please do read the release notes of Zookeeper because they might have removed old configs or added some new configurations.
    we have to generate the following configs files as per my automation.
    1. zoo.cfg
    2. java.env
    3. myid
  4. Please do make sure that myid value doesn’t change because it will create problems for the apache zookeeper.
  5. Update the symlink to the new version of apache zookeeper folder as this will help us easy rollback.
  6. Restart systemd zookeeper service and it will start using the new version of apache zookeeper.
  7. Check Logs as per your log dir settings in the log4j settings or whatever is passed as a command-line option.
  8. Check Logs of Other Zookeeper nodes as well, if they can recognize new zookeeper instance or not.
  9. Check Monitoring scripts are working fine or not.
  10. Now, let’s repeat this whole process for all of the apache zookeeper nodes.




Senior Software Engineer III ( R&D )

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Davinder Pal

Davinder Pal

Senior Software Engineer III ( R&D )

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