Story of Unsuccessful PR to Open Source Project! ( Part 2 )

Davinder Pal
2 min readMar 28, 2021

I hope, you have read part 1 of it if not then I would definitely recommend you to read that as well to get the full context of it.

Let’s start with the next part of the story, this part will be quite interesting if you are an Ansible Community Developer.

last PR:

Finally, a reviewer was interested in reviewing the code after 2 years. He started reviewing my code in Sep 2020 and it continued till Dec 2020 but in Dec, Ansible Bot blocked my PR saying it should be rebased with ansible again so it can be merged but by mistake, I did git merge and everything got fucked up so I gave up that PR and started again a new MR:

And Again, he continued his review, i was surprised that he wanted me to fix even a missing dot for more than 20 lines and upper case to lower for same number of lines.

After a Couple of Days, he found a line, mentioned below

data = 'filter[name]=' + str(module.params['app_name'])

He mentioned that I should use some encoding method to merge them but I was reluctant to do so and then it becomes one of the biggest conflicts on my PR.

I understand that he wanted to fix an unknown security issue but I couldn't implement it because of the following reasons

  1. this code was written back in 2018 and Now after 6 months of code review, he wanted to change this.
  2. even if I change the code, I didn’t have access to NewRelic so I can’t test it and I won’t change any code without testing it at any condition.
  3. [March 2021], I have run Python SAST ( bandit ) and no known issues are found on it as per the static analysis.

Complete Conversion:

I finally, decided to give up on it as I have wasted more than 2 years on it which I could have spent on much better things but Now Anyways, I have experienced that it’s not a community-driven project, several people control and have their own interests on it.

Later, I decided to create my own Ansible Collection which is fuxking simple and I can create my own rules and standards for it.

The last part of the story will come as soon I reach the 1.0 Release of My Collection.

Thanks, everyone!