How I turned around things for myself and Make Success for Myself.

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As I mentioned in my second article of this series, my PR was stuck and the Reviewer wasn’t ready to merge because of One line of Code.

Situation is still the same so far, Let’s not waste more time in that PR, it’s just too much for me.

Let’s talk about, how I learned something new out of it and made something useful for Ansible Community.

There was another bold thing happened in Ansible was to split modules into separate set of collections, some modules will be maintained by Ansible but some modules will be maintained by community where my PR was stuck.

#ThanksToCorona, I started writing my own Ansible Collection and set a target that I will f**king create more modules than Official Ansible Community by my Own.

Finally, Set a Goal to write Ansible Fact Modules for All AWS Services (190+ services ) but I was a little nervous about time, how much time it’s going to cost for this.

After writing, First 20–30 Modules in 15–20 Days ( Christmas Holidays ), I got a little confidence boost that 60–70% of Modules are just copy-paste problems for Facts Modules.

Revisited, My Goal to Finish all 190+ services by the following rule
Per week, 10+ modules.
Per Month, 40+ Modules.
Approx. 6 Months will take for me to write all modules.
It was reasonable as well, I was doing this over weekend only because, I don’t affect my day job.

Luckily, Everything went very well for me and on 24, April 2021, I was able to write all modules excluding official Ansible Fact Modules #NoDuplicateWork.

I want to thank #AnsibleCommunity for not merging my PR because I wasn’t forced to learn something new without that. I do want to say,

You can make anything as long as you have will and constant effort to make it happen.

I am going to write a series of articles about the Journey of the development of Ansible AWS Collection? and other interesting learning from it.